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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Irish Film Blogathon

Due to my recent move to Ireland, I started up a small series of reviews designed to celebrate Irish Cinema. However I soon realised that I would only be able to review a small fraction of the films I had planned to.

I had briefly considered putting together a blogathon, but had soon dismissed the idea as I did not think anyone would be interested. However Nathanael Hood has convinced me to give it a try, and as a result this blog with be hosting it's very first blogathon in celebration of Irish Cinema!

To start off, here are the films I've already reviewed in my marathon:

The Commitments - 1991 directed by Alan Parker

The Wind That Shakes The Barley - 2006 directed by Ken Loach

Michael Collins - 1996 directed by Neil Jordan

Angela's Ashes - 1999 directed by Alan Parker

My Left Foot - 1989 directed by Jim Sheridan

Once - 2006 directed by John Carney

The Secret Of Kells - 2009 directed by Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey

These are the more well known Irish films so I think that this blogathon should cover the more obscure and overlooked works.

The blogathon is open to absolutely anyone who in interested in participating, even if you don't have a blog of your own. If you are interested, then you can write about any Irish film of your choosing on your blog (or send it to me by mail if you have no blog).
I think a whole month should be enough time, so I'll post all the entries on the 10th of September.
Please send in all submissions by the 9th of September at latest.
(my email:

Here are some suggestions based mainly on films I had considered for the marathon:

In The Name Of The Father directed by Jim Sheridan

The Field directed by Jim Sheridan

Hunger directed by Steve McQueen

Breakfast On Pluto directed by Neil Jordan

Man About Dog directed by Paddy Breathnach

Bloody Sunday directed by Paul Greengrass 

The General directed by John Boorman

However any film connected to Ireland in some way is acceptable, even if it's only set in Ireland, or perhaps about Irish people abroad...

I would naturally prefer it if there weren't a dozen reviews for the more popular ones (ie The Wind That Shakes the Barley etc...), so I was considering restricting it to one writer per film, however I would not want to limit your creativity to much, so feel free to write whatever you choose. I'll soon publish a post asking which films you've selected, and will write them down as I go along so both I and you, the readers, can keep track of things.

I think that it would also be an interesting idea to write about some of the actors who have come from Ireland, as there are surprisingly numerous. A few notable examples would be Pierce Brosnan, Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris, Liam Neeson, Saoirse Ronan and many more. So for those who don't really feel like watching and reviewing an Irish film, you can always write about one of their actors.
But there are no real rules as to what you can write, in fact the more original and unexpected the better!

I do hope some of you will be interested in participating, I know this may seems slightly ambitious as a first blogathon, but I'm confidant that I can get at least 10 submissions. We'll see how it works out anyway, and please don't forget to promote the blogathon on your own blogs, it would be a great help.
The above image, (a rather rudimentary one I will admit) can easily be taken and displayed anywhere of your choosing (with a link to this post perhaps).
Well, that is all there is to say for now. I have a feeling I must have left something out, so don't hesitate to ask for any clarifications you may need.

(On a final note, I'm working on a post for this blogathon myself, and it will certainly not be the kind of post you've seen before on this blog)

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