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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stalker (1979)

After seeing Solaris and being rather disappointed, I didn't look into Tarkovsky's filmography much until recently when I decided to watch Stalker.
I was very impressed...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Henri Georges Clouzot

Recently I thought to myself, you really should see more French films seeing as you live in France and speak the language...

So I did some research and came across Clouzot, he is a Director who is known for his quality films and has often been called a "French Hitchcock" due the enormous amounts of suspense contained in his films and their excellent scripts.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The White Diamond (2004)

Over the past couple of  decades Herzog has been gradually departing from film, and veering more towards Documentaries, with some spectacular results.

His most successful was probably Grizzly Man, which received numerous awards and is in my opinion a fascinating and a moving work. Other great docmunetaries he made over the past years include The Wheel Of Time, Encounters At The End Of The World, Lessons Of Darkness, My Best Fiend.......
Grizzly Man might be Herzogs most acclaimed documentary but in my mind it still doesn't surpass the brilliance that is The White Diamond, it does come close too surpassing it though...

The White Diamond is sadly not very well known, it was quite hard for me to find and I noticed that not many people were familiar with it.
Yet it is definitely worth discovering as it is a work of such beauty, majesty and humaneness, that it would be a crime not to see it.