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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sam Peckinpah 1925 - 1984

Full Name: David Samuel Peckinpah AKA Bloody Sam
Nationality: US, but lived in Mexico for much of his later life.
Years Active: 1961 - 1983 (22 years)
Feature Length Films Directed: 14

Sam Peckinpah is one the most influential and important directors of the Hollywood New Wave. He is recognised by many Film buffs as one of the most influential or even the most influential director when it comes to violence and action scenes in film.
But in my opinion he has not been getting enough recognition these days, he is gradually being forgotten and although all film buffs have heard of him and have maybe seen one or two of his more well known films (Straw Dogs or the Wild Bunch maybe...) the majority of his work seems to be ignored. He is nowhere near as famous as his contemporaries, Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg and even Lucas. And yet he has had an undeniable impact of film making and has influenced directors such a Martin Scorsese, Q.T., John Woo...

So I have decided to watch as many of his films as I can get my hands on and consequently write this post designed to celebrate his directional talent and the quality of his films but also to offer criticism on the downsides of his style and body of work.
Before deciding this, I wasn't entirely unfamiliar with his work but I had only seen The Wild Bunch which is perhaps his most celebrated film, as well as Cross of Iron and Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia.

So in this Peckinpah Marathon I'll be offering my thoughts on every single film he directed from 1961 to 1983 with the exception of any TV work or music video's:
(These aren't really proper reviews, just a few thoughts on each films)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekly Collection of Random Film Thoughts

  • RIP Elizabeth Taylor, you were brilliant in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf. 
  • I've recently installed a soft that will allow me to take screenshots of films, I don't know why I didn't get this before, but at least I have now so I'll be including some more original images in my reviews from now on instead of finding them on the internet.
Here's an example from one of my favourite films:
Ran - 1985, Kurosawa

Quick Ratings/Reviews of The Week

Junior Bonner - 1972 directed by Sam Peckinpah
One of Peckinpah's less known films, probably because this one lacks the violence he was most famous for. This is a little, rather modest film that really drew me in as it went along and although I'm not particularly a fan of rodeo (in fact I rather dislike it) the film still had me gripped towards the end. It's a slow film, but it slowly rises in quality as it goes along and you'll surely end up enjoying it. Steve McQueen also gives one of his best performances.