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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

C'Etait Un Rendez Vous - 1976

I actually saw this many years ago as a young child, it stuck in my mind ever since and I've only recently managed to track in down, it's such an exciting piece of film, if you haven't already seen it then here's a video, if you have, well just watch it again anyway because it's so cool:

Filmed by Claude Lelouch one morning, he had 10 minutes of film left to use after shooting was finished so he just attached the camera to his Ferrari (some say Mercedes, but it's doesn't really matter) and sped across Paris, with no precautions whatsoever and breaking dozens of laws...The result, although it got him into trouble with the authorities, remains a fascinating and so refreshingly real piece of Cinema even after all these years. It's spontaneity and recklessness is endearing and I loved seeing a speeding car non-glamorised by Hollywood films, with their various stunts and precautions.
And it's just great fun to watch!

It remains one of the best car chases, even though it's technically not a chase, ever put on film alongside the ones in The French Connection and Bullitt.