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Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Few Underrated Directors

This is a short list of directors who I think are terrible overlooked and underrated, hopefully it will get any of you that read this interested in these directors.
I don't just mean they are overlooked by the general public, that goes without saying, but also by many film buffs.

So here we have it, Three Frenchmen, Two Britons and One American, all great directors, and all too overlooked:

Desert Island CD

Castor at Anomalous Material has organised an event called Desert Island CD it involves choosing twelve tracks featured in films, that you would save if stranded on a desert island.

Here are my choices, in no specific order, just twelve pieces of music featured in films that really stuck with me long after I had watched those films.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bringing Out The Dead - 1999

 I'm sure this is something that has happened to many film buffs, you watch a film and are very impressed, it makes it's way onto your list of favourites and you recommend it  with enthusiasm to other film buffs, only to find that upon viewing it they dislike it or don't think much of it. This happens often and you get the sense this is a highly underrated film. Thus your love for the film grows even more as you feel you have to defend it against all this seemingly unjust criticism.
This is what happened to me after watching Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out The Dead.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekly Collection of Random Film Thoughts

  • Are there any directors who have never made a bad film, who have constantly kept the same consistent quality or even constantly increased the quality of their films? I can't think of any, but if one counts young directors, I would have to propose Edgar Wright who has directed three films all of which are excellent, and Boon Jong Ho who has also directed three film which are also all excellent. Now I know they are young and have many, many years of film making ahead of them but I still think those two can be relied upon to produce great films and regular intervals for many years to come. At least I hope so, for if not them then who else?
  • You may have noticed the banner I've added to the top right hand side of my blog, it informs of an upcoming LAMB Spike Lee blogathon and I've decided to participate, I'm currently working on my review for one of his films. I am also workign on another review destined for a another blogathon, the Movie of The Month also organised by the LAMB, the movie is Black Dynamite, which I will be rewatching and reviewing, it's a hilarious film!

Quick Ratings/Reviews of The Week

Constantine - 2005 directed by Francis Lawrence

Pretty much everything about this film is unremarkable, it is a most forgettable film with passable performance and decent special effects. Yet the story was ridiculous even bordering on insulting. It's simplistic religious (more specifically, Catholic) themes were extremely annoying and it came off as very preachy at times, such as suicide sends you to Hell etc...
It's entertaining enough at times but the stupid storyline fails it constantly and limits the films ability to entertain.

Andrei Tarkovsky 1932 - 1986

Hi friends, sorry for the recent inactivity but I've been rather busy in between socialising and playing Fallout as well as being rather lazy. But I'm back, so expect to see quite a few posts going up in the next couple of weeks.

I've decided that when I have seen all of the films of a certain director, or at least all the films available to me, I will write a post reviewing all their work and their styles and legacies as directors.
Andrei Tarkovsky is the first one to feature as he directed few films and I have seen them all. I will attempt to write about lesser know, overlooked, non English language directors instead of all the widely recognised greats such as Kubrick, Scorsese, Spielberg, although that doesn't mean I won't write about them someday...

Full Name: Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky  Born: April 4 1932  Died: 1986  Lived: 54 years
Nationality: USSR, but spent time (and made films) in Italy and Sweden after his exile.
Years Active: 1962 - 1986 (24 years)
Number of Feature Films Directed: 7