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Monday, 25 July 2011

End Of The Week Post

My viewing this week on a pretty pathetic scale, only one film seen. I don't even have any excuses, I just didn't get around to watching as many films as I wanted to.

Alfie - 1966 directed by Lewis Gilbert

Alfie is a vastly misunderstood British masterpiece. It has sadly never got the recognition it deserved in my opinion, even if it did start Michael Caine's career and was the subject for an awful looking remake starring Jude Law. But its delightfully dark humour, inventive directing, brilliant use of narration (which involves Alfie breaking the fourth wall in a most amusing fashion) combined with its highly interesting views on morality and the extreme skill with the character of Alfie is developed make it a most interesting piece of Cinema, that is as subtle in its approach to its subject, as it is ground-breaking in its choice of subject and its technical prowess.  It may seem rather dated by modern standards, but this is only because it succeeds in capturing the times it is set in so well. It may not be a timeless classic, but it's a film I feel is worthy of a reevaluation.

A Few Thoughts:

Sam, from the excellent blog Duke and the Movies, has come up with a brilliant idea which involves various film bloggers writing a short piece about the best film they saw in the past week. Naturally I took part, and although the choice this week wasn't very hard as I'd only seen one film, I had fun doing so and I'd urge you to go and check out the other entries HERE!

My little Irish film marathon should be kicking off any day now, I've chosen a handful of some of the best known Irish films and will be reviewing them over a week or so. More details will be posted tomorrow.

I had previously mentioned that I would be interested in doing music reviews, well I've been working on some and they should be ready to post anytime soon. Probably not this week as it will be taken up by the Irish films, but definitely the week after.

And finally I'd like to add that if anyone needs a guest post or something of the sort then don't hesitate to ask me as I would be happy to help.

Time for some links: 
Andy Buckle reviews The Double Life of Veronique, a film that I think I will be watchign very soon.

Thaddeus reviews Iron Man 2, a film I haven't seen and don't particularly want to.

Bonjour Tristesse reviews The Red And The White, a Hungarian film.

Stevee reviews both Unknown and The Next Three Days, and compares them to each other at the same time.

I'm not the only one to return to blogging recently, Limette from Lime Reviews is back with this post, as is Chelsea from Passion for Film with this post.

This review for Limitless posted at Man, I Love Films pretty much sums up my own thoughts on the film, I've actually written a review for it already and am just waiting for the right moment to post it.

Toby reviews the recently released Charlie Casanova, a film that sounds very intriguing. 

Check out this list of the10 Best Tarantino Characters posted at Anomalous Material, it's a great list, even if I don't really agree with it.

You must read James' great article on the Unsung Heroes Of Cinema, brilliant stuff!

That's all for this week, I hope to have more for you next week, as this one has been a very slow week for some reason, although I did post quite a few posts that I'm very pleased with.

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