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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Guest Post: FRC World Icon Tour

I really should have posted this earlier, but I'm very busy at the moment.

Anyway, Custard at the great Front Room Cinema has come up with the most interesting idea i've heard in a while. A World Icon Tour, this involves posting an entry on a person that has left a mark in his/her's respective counties Cinema. Entries are to be submitted weekly by his readers from many different countries and by the end of the series it should be a brilliant look at World Cinema.

As I live in France, and Custard lives in the UK, I was the first one he asked to prepare a post for this most intriguing series.
For my Icon, I chose French director Henri Georges Clouzot. Mainly because I've been fascinated with him ever since I saw Le Salaire De La Peur, but also because my interest in him and his work was recently revived causing me to watch 3 more of his films, thus I consider myself rather knowledgeable on this subject in particularly and thought it would be fitting to write about him. 

"Clouzot is the kind of director whose personality is so strong it leaves a visible mark on the film he’s made. He has been called “the French Hitchcock”, but to be honest I find that Clouzot’s work surpasses that of Hitchcock in many ways. He, like Hitchcock, was a true master of suspense, but he managed to avoid becoming repetitive as he constantly tried different techniques. Thus each of his films is quite different from the others making for a most interesting body of work."

For the rest of the article, click on the image below:
Click this image to see the whole post!

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