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Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekly Collection of Random Film Thoughts

  •  This news about QT's new films is quite exiting, I hope he doesn't get Will Smith in the lead role though, for he's not an actor I like. I think Michael Jay White of Black Dynamite fame would be the perfect choice for the role, even if he is far from being as big a star as Smith. But anyway, I'll be watching it whoever gets cast, it's Tarantino after all...
  • Something that puzzles me, and annoys me, is when people refer to CGI (computer generated imagery) as "special effects". Surely most of what you see in a film could be termed special effects, any small amount of blood, prosthetic, explosions etc. And these have little to do with CGI.
  • I've noticed that my blog has recently reached 100 followers, this was really unexpected. When I started this thing I had no idea so many people would be interested, perhaps 100 may not seem like that much I still never expected so many. So thank you all!
  • When I started this blog it was just as a place to store my reviews, as Rotten Tomatoes was not very reliable at the time, but now I visit RT only rarely and spend much of my time on the blog. Thus I feel I should come up with a better blog name, as I really dislike the current one. So any suggestions would be most welcome!
  • Additionally, I was also wondering whether I should start a Facebook page for this blog, it's something I've been reluctant to do as I'm not on Facebook at all at the moment but if it's a good way to get more readers and interested people then I would definitely do it. What are your thoughts on the matter ? 
  • And finally, I know I promised a Silent film review everyday, but I'm afraid my review of Haxan will be a bit late. I don't want to rush it as it's such a wonderful film yet hard to write about. I should have it up tomorrow (Monday).

Time for some links:

Andy Buckle reviews a film I recently wrote about, The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari.

Nikhat reviews the masterful There Will Be Blood.

Stevee Taylor reviews Sofia Coppola's latest, Somewhere.

I've got to link to the wonderful blog Bonjour Tristesse every now and then, it's such a great blog, so here's a review of an interesting looking Swiss film called "Cargo".

Cinema Romantico lists the Three Worst Screen Titles in Movie Hhistory, a very amusing read.

Lesya lists the Summer films she's most looking forward to this year.

Thaddeus sheds some light onto the Free Movie section of Youtube. I had no idea this existed before reading this, it's an interesting idea and will probably come in useful at some point.

Andy at Fandango Groovers latest blogathon, A Life In Movies, seems to have been a great success, and rightfully so as it's a great idea. Check out my list here!

And finally, Jesse P. a film buff who also happens to be my age but knows infinitely more than I do about certain genres of film, has set up his own blog, check it out, he reviews some interesting films.

As usual all comments on whatever subject are appreciated! And I really would appreciate some advice on the Facebook thing, and some blog name suggestions...

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