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Monday, 25 April 2011

Weekly Collection of Random Film Thoughts

  •  I'm rather lacking in inspiration this week, so see the links below for cool stuff to read.
  • Although I will say one thing, in a couple of weeks, probably the one after this one, I'm thinking of starting a marathon, nothing very impressive though, it will deal with Silent films, mainly because I've got loads of them sitting around unwatched on my Pc and I just never get around to them, so I thought I would need the motivation. I'll probably watch one a day and post a short review.  No need for suggestions as I've already planned most of it out.
  •  Well, the Lammy's are here, and I've created a rudimentary poster which can be seen at the top right hand side of the blog, click on it to vote but of of course don't feel like you have to vote for me, only do so if you think I truly deserve it. I've yet to cast my vote yet, it's going to tough narrowing it down to such a small number, there are so many great film blogs out there.
  •  I've also heard that despite the various problems, Paul Thomas Anderson is still making his film loosely based on Scientology. This will be amazing I think, Scientology is a subject that greatly interests me, in a very negative way though. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the perfect casting for the founder of the cult/religion, but I'm not sure about Joaquin Phoenix's involvement, I've only seen him in Gladiator and 8mm where he failed to impress me. Definitely a project I'll be keeping my eye on and hoping it gets made. 
  • Jeremy Renner certainly seems to be putting his new found fame to good use, having taken on two of the biggest action franchises, Mission Impossible and Bourne. I'd be interested to see what he does after having become a household name with those films.

Candice lists Ten Things You Need to Know About Scream 4. I haven't seen the film yet, I'm will eventually but I'm still working my way through the first three.

Edgar Chaput reviews some of the great Bruce Lee's films.

themoviesnob counts down his Ten Favourite Gangster films.

The Film Conoisseur has been churning out amazing posts, take a look at his Memorable Movie Robots parts 1 and 2.

CS asks his readers who is better, Paul Giamatti or Philip Seymour Hoffman. I went with Hoffman.

Liam has written a fascinating post on the effect of the 4 Scream films and of the state of the Horror genre in general. Definitely worth a look.

Andy Buckle reviews one of my favourites from 2009, In Bruges.

Fletch reviews The Lincoln Lawyer in an unusual yet very entertaining format.

Rupert Pupkin put together an impressive post that associates each state of the USA with a film that took place there.

Stevee continues her Classic Marathon and reviews Waterloo Bridge.

Nikhat ends her series of posts dealing with actors who play villains and anti hero's. Her final selection is one of my favourites as well, Jack Nicholson.

Limette has started a new series of weekly posts dealing with the new Bollywood releases. I have to admit that I know absolutely nothing about Bollywood cinema, yet I find this very interesting nonetheless.

And finally, if you are a member of the LAMB, don't forget to vote in the LAMMY's; Naturally all votes for my blog are appreciated but don't feel obliged to.

That's it for this week, not one of my best posts I suppose but between seeing all those films and reviewing The Doors in considerable detail (please excuse the obvious self promotion), I haven't found much time for anything else. 

Feel free to consider this as an open thread and post whatever is on your mind.

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