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Friday, 25 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award


 Lesya over at Eternity of A Dream was kind enough to bestow the Stylish Blogger award upon me!
So first of all, thanks Lesya!

Now, apparently since I've been awarded this distinction I must name 7 facts about myself, and then pass of the Award to 7 other bloggers who I admire.

So first come the facts:

  • I'm rather secretive and more than slightly paranoid, which is why I use a photo of Toshiro Mifune as my profile pic, I just don't want any photos of me on the internet for anyone to see. Actually even writing these vague facts about me makes me sligh
  • I have no TV and have never really had one, which would explain why I never comment on the various posts I come across that deal with TV shows, I've just never heard of any of them...
  • I've always enjoyed watching films, but I only became seriously interested in them after watching Pulp Fiction, it was only afterwards, when I had explored Scorsese and Kubrick's films that I decided I would become a film director when I was older. I also must point out that I always say "film" and never "movie", I don't know why some people find a difference between the two. I've always thought of it as being a cultural thing, in Europe we say "film", in the US, "movie".
  • I'm half French, half English, but I just call myself European. I've been living in France for near on 10 years now and am fully fluent in both languages. 
  • I am not very technologically minded, I have no mobile phone or Ipod or anything of the sort. And I am far from being an expert in the use of computers.
  • If there is one thing I dislike, it is the times I live in. I would be much more at home if I had been born a couple of centuries ago, or even before. I just feel no connection whatsoever which my generation.
  • I have rather radical political views, some a bit to radical perhaps, which I generally keep to myself. In fact, I probably shouldn't go into any details here, for after all this is a film blog.
 And here are the blogs to which I award the Stylish Blogger Award:

The Ramblings Of A Minnesota Geek             
Forgotten Classics Of Yesteryear
Between The Seats
Bonjour Tristesse
Big Thoughts From A Small Mind
Frontroom Cinema
Lime Reviews

Don't forget to write 7 facts about yourselves and then pass the award on to another 7 bloggers!
Sorry to those left out, but 7 is such a small amount...

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