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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I'm back!

You may have noticed (well, I hope you did anyway) that I haven't been active for the past ten days or so, this lapse is entirely due to the fact that the area I live in lost access to the internet for that whole period of time :(

Well, now I'm back online and I see I've got a lot to catch up with, I really can't wait to read all of the excellent reviews and other such things you guys have written, and I assure you that I'll be writing some soon.

I'm glad to be back, for I missed the intelligent discussion you guys provide and your interesting reviews.

My next review will be of Werner Herzog's debut film, Signs Of Life.


  1. Well, I'm glad that you're back!

    I can't wait to hear what you think about "Signs of Life." It's a personal favorite of mine!

  2. Welcome back to the netherworld of the internet! I saw all the Kinsky films except Hosferatu but am currently de-fascinated with Herzog, so look forward to viewing his first born vicariously.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Nathanael, you'll probably agree with my review then because I enjoyed it a lot as well!

    S.M.Rana, how could you be de-fascinated with Herzog not only is his work fascinating but so is he as a person, anyway Nosferatu is pretty great but I have yet to see the original...
    Herzogs work with Kinski is pretty impressive though, apart from Cobra Verde which was a big disappointment...
    Have you seen My Best Fiend, a documentary made by Herzog explaining his complex relationship with Kinski?

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  5. The strange African dance and song rhythms of Cobra Verde were particularly bewitching. I once rented My Best Enemy (Liebster Fiend) but did not manage to see it for some reason. My de-fascination is because he films extraordinary things, whereas I am more interested in ordinary things, which are fascinating enough.

  6. I agree , but I thought the films pacing and almost non existent storyline really brought it down.

    I can understand your fascination with ordinary things, I often feel like watching something ordinary but the majority of films I enjoy are of extraordinary things...