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Monday 2 May 2011

Silent Film Marathon Introduction

I've decided that I've had enough of the various Silent Classics hanging around on my PC and remaining unwatched, so I'll work my way through some of the major ones in this marathon.

Many of the are rather lengthy, but pretty much all of them are considered Classics and I doubt I could call myself a serious student of films without having seen them.
So however tiresome this marathon may turn out to be, I'm going to see it through until the end.

So here are the films I'll be watching and reviewing, all are part of my collection but I did try to only select one for each year except for 1922 where I added Haxan as it had been recommended to me.
I also tried to keep a mix between different directors and nationalities, thus I've got some German, Soviet, French, US and Spanish.

Cabiria - 1914 Pastrone

The Birth Of A Nation - 1915 Griffith

Intolerance - 1916 Griffith

The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari - 1919 Wiene

Nosferatu - 1922 Murnau and  
Haxan - 1922 Christensen

La Roue - 1923 Gance

The Last Laugh - 1924 Murnau

The Gold Rush - 1925 Chaplin

Faust - 1926 Murnau

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans - 1927 Murnau

The Passion of Jeanne D'Arc - 1928 Dreyer

Arsenal - 1929 Dovzhenko

L'Age D'Or - 1930 Bunuel

City Lights - 1931 Chaplin

Nanook Of The North - 1922 Flaherty

I'll review one of these each day of the marathon, a short review of course. All comments are most welcome and in fact you could even send in any reviews you may have of any of these films if you wish. It would be interesting to have different opinions of the films.

Naturally the marathon is pretty flexible, so if for any reason I can't see the film I'll just watch it the next day and continue from there, it's not set in stone.

Furthermore, I've been considering creating a new page for this marathon so as to make all the reviews easier to find.

Anyway, all suggestions are welcome of course and now it seems I had better get started!

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